The Main Guy’s Cry

You wash your hands, spotless clean
You wash your mouth, you hope for truth
You’ve seen it all big or small
It’s what you’ve done, it’s who you are

Oh, oh, Philippa

You swallow it all, you don’t even spit
You bite your cheeks, he’ll put it right

Why Philippa?

Kiss his tongue, you spark a flame
Touch the ground, it’s slipping through
You’ll never know, when or how you come
You won’t know, even how you’ll leave

For Chrissake, Philippa

You drink it all, you’ll live tonight
But know tomorrow, you’ll have to lie

Oh, oh, Philippa
My dear Philippa

Take what you want from me, I have nothing left to lose
But play me not, ping pong me for a fool
Pull back your world from him, I want something real
Know what you have tonight, will end by the next light

By Amanya

all need to know

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