One Drunk Guy, half a night.

The dark is so hard to beat
The voices playing in my head
Got one toe in the sand
Let’s go adventure

Am so drunk, I think I took the wrong direction.
Am dazed, so confused, seems I downed more than one too much.

The battle to walk in the straight line
In the middle of the dim lit roads

All I am is a mess. Touch my neck and I will bite yours.
One love too much, no bra, no blouse.

The goose pumps.
Gal i think am in love, the way you get down there low.
Have we been here before?
So here is how it goes down, we buy parachutes, we jump deep down into each other’s loins.

Never asking why, we kissed. I think I fell under your spell.
It’s slowly threw me up in the sky, I don’t know if am coming back.

I need to be the one that takes you home.
And I know, I know that you got everything but I have nothing without you.

I still fall face first sometimes.
I swear I can’t do it. With this draft published.

It makes no sense. So is Love.

By Amanya

all need to know

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