For the New Month.

I’m not religious but I’m God’s guy. Hope you understand.
I’m not a miracle worker, but I believe. Don’t doubt that.

If you can’t pray, meditate.
If you won’t, self reflect.

Talk to someone, it helps. Talk to God or to You.

Source: The Art of Unity

A mirror; you will need that. To know You.
But don’t look for so long. Your soul will be trapped.

Find a stranger. One you can trust.
Open up, let them in. Talk to them. Confide in them.

Make friends and be a friend. Be what you want them to be.
Love your friends, and be lovers. Friends make the best lovers.

Don’t fear, don’t fret. People are good. Just play your part.

Note: Remember it’s February. And there’s Valentines day. On that day, be with someone.
Friend, Workmate, Fiance, Wife, Sibling anyone. Just celebrate the relationships you’ve made thus far. Don’t take them for granted.



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