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Like Coyotes

He was always such a nice boy
The dependable one
With the best intentions
Always available for his friends
With a quick fix
For just about anything

He was always there
Bailing each one out
With no questions, no hesitation
He was down for his buddies
Respectful to their friends
A good boy
But good don’t get you returns

Source: Don’t really know.

He was always solitary
He had his own back
They all looked away
Too busy running this errand there
Got held up here
He thought it’d change
But the more it stayed the same

He was no fool
They didn’t deserve him
He knew
But could’t help it
He’d rather was disappointed
Than disappoint
What’s life?
Alas he’d known them for his whole life

Came in a girl
With a long neck
And a wry smile
He’s not invisible anymore
His hand was held
With a smile on his face
He got a thank you
His world changed

She’s a cheat
Every boy in the hood had hit it
Not good enough for him
Bruh, look here. They said
Open your eyes
They no longer held hands
It never lasted.
Buddies oh Buddies
Alas he’d known them for his whole life



By Amanya

all need to know

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