Chit chat

#29DaysOfLove. Love is like a sea weed in the desert. It crops up in adventitious ways. It knows no adjective, knows no description.

Well this February, the leap month of love, letters are being written, appreciating loved ones; cupid, flowers and the ineffable Love. I am too, with a leap from my friends, writing. I had to first ask some old flames though, if it was a bit alright being *sub-blogged.

Forgive me for my letters will be raw, deep and mixed with hurt because if you’ve loved, you know hurt, disappointment and some pain make a significant presence in the ingredients of Love. The Love though, the Love will soil the palette.

You, there?
Hello, It’s me Amanya.
Yes,the one with a red bicycle.
Hahaha, I knew you wouldn’t forget.
The bruises haven’t healed? Really? That’s strange.
Well I’m sorry. Thigh bruises take sometime to like, heal.
Yeah, you will. Or come home I have an idea or two. Ice Cream.

Ice Cream. You. Me.
To chill your bruising thighs.
Nooo, I’m not crazy, just insane.
Okay, I’m so crazy. Crazy for you.
Alright, see you there. But please know this.
No handstands, no headstands, no bicycle rides.

Bruises | Chairlift
Love You.



1 thought on “Chit chat

  1. *Love is like a SEA weed in the DESERT*
    The irony…oh, the irony.
    Good job!

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