3-Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

I was nominated by Amoako to participate in a 3-day quote challenge, one I gladly accept.
The rules of the challenge are simple:
Thank the one who nominated you.
Post either one or three quotes a day for three days.
Nominate three bloggers to participate per post.


Credits: Tumblr and Amanya

What is life? Maybe God who breathed into our nostrils knows. No one else does, neither philosopher nor fool. So don’t live your life like you know what is, like you anticipate what’s next. Don’t fault someone for delaying you, citing the heavy jam that you are expecting. You are not God, the roads could be empty or blocked off for all you know not.

Try not to get mad when you are stood up, try to be cool. Be disappointed, also wait for their side of the story. Live life as it comes. Your actions make up your life. And your life is a collection of your memories, so burst the bubble, LIVE. What is Life?


Caption: & I

Your Mum is the first stranger you ever meet. Straight from when you take up form in the womb, to when you come out of her legs. The sacrifices made to have you, to love you, to raise you, groom you. Isn’t that quite amazing coming from someone else not you?

To the real strangers, the ones on the street, the ones on the bus, you that is reading this. Today we are total strangers, tomorrow we are lovers and friends. We are married, got kids and the cycle continues. Treat strangers with respect and open heart regardless of class, looks or circumstances. You’ll never be disappointed. Oh you will be, sometimes, but that’s life. What is life?

Caption: As above

If you have a spouse, girlfriend or close friend, you know what I’m talking about. We are all strangers, strangers united by birth, by vows, by destiny. And we are different, much as we find common ground. Common ground or how to get there is Never Mind, just Care. Care and don’t ask why, don’t expect the favor returned. Play your part and let things work out, alas you can’t control any other person’s lineament. Mind only about things you have dominion over. That is life.


I hereby nominate the following:

The Luopean

The quotes above are not real quotes. They are from my head, from my beliefs. They are not quote quotes. But you tell me, what is a quote? What is a quote quote?

By Amanya

all need to know

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