Way too many feels

Hello Hazel-Grace,

Think about it, you liked me.
I let you in.

You came to me, you saw me.
I let you see.

You knew me, I knew you.
We bonded. I liked you.

You let me see, I saw.
I liked what I saw. I fell for you.

You left, fell mute.
I crashed. But didn’t burn..

You minded, never cared.Never called.
I had me confused.

You lied to me, time and again.
I noticed, but shrugged it off.

Think about it, you fluffed it.
Now you want back in.

Stitches once stitched are *unstitchable.
That’s the fault in our stars.


It’s not a Poem.31-1yG2-0KL


11 thoughts on “Way too many feels

  1. Luopean says:

    I loved that movie which I didn’t really find sad. Coz I was so drawn to their witty personalities & repartees.
    Not all love stories must be sad and boring. They were funny.

  2. Amanya says:

    There was fulfillment coating what would have rather been a sad story. Yes there’s sorrow in death, but after a life well lived, there is gratitude. I also didn’t find it sad.

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