Way too many feels

Hello Hazel-Grace,

Think about it, you liked me.
I let you in.

You came to me, you saw me.
I let you see.

You knew me, I knew you.
We bonded. I liked you.

You let me see, I saw.
I liked what I saw. I fell for you.

You left, fell mute.
I crashed. But didn’t burn..

You minded, never cared.Never called.
I had me confused.

You lied to me, time and again.
I noticed, but shrugged it off.

Think about it, you fluffed it.
Now you want back in.

Stitches once stitched are *unstitchable.
That’s the fault in our stars.


It’s not a Poem.31-1yG2-0KL


11 thoughts on “Way too many feels

  1. Something so good, that crashed so soon. I cried tooπŸ’ƒ

  2. BigEyedFoodie! March 8, 2016 — 9:19 am

    I love this

    1. I wish this could be you. Wankyenga! Thank you.

      1. no tinakukyenda …all i understood was you want me to do those exact things hahahaha explain

        1. I love this = I love You
          I wish this, could be you.

          1. awww

  3. Sad one.

    Hi have nominated you for the Lobster award. Details on my current blog post.

    1. Lobster! Alright let’s fish this. Thank You.

  4. I loved that movie which I didn’t really find sad. Coz I was so drawn to their witty personalities & repartees.
    Not all love stories must be sad and boring. They were funny.

  5. There was fulfillment coating what would have rather been a sad story. Yes there’s sorrow in death, but after a life well lived, there is gratitude. I also didn’t find it sad.

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