3-Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

I was nominated by Amoako to participate in a 3-day quote challenge, one I gladly accept.
The rules of the challenge are simple:
Thank the one who nominated you.
Post either one or three quotes a day for three days.
Nominate three bloggers to participate per post.


Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody.
While at it, don’t lose yourself. It’s okay be a Mother Theresa but don’t ever forget that your soul comes first.

Enrichment; here we are not talking about the Uranium at Bushehr, the occassional Kyankwazi pilgrimage or Sudhir Rupareila’s debatable profiting agencies.
We are talking about value added, we are talking about inspiration and what others would pick from you. When a stranger meets you, what do they learn from you? At they end of the day, will they sit down and reminisce and be like “Mahn, but that guy!”

Humility; Every person you meet has a story, one you don’t know. Treating people according to appearance, perception, will always certainly mean missing out on knowing who the person really is, the person’s legend, their story. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Strangers are a gold mine.

Respect; Imagine your plane crashed and you survived, landed on some island somewhere. Imagine you’re in a place where no one knows who you are, who your Mum is, what car you drive. How you would want to be treated then, is how you should treat others.


To let you know that it’s 01:05 am on this Friday night or is it morning. I’m this guy who sleeps early because I have a great deal of sleep. All I need to do is snap a finger.
Well, here I am, all this time I was waiting on a better Internet connection. I have a lot of pending posts, code modules; if I don’t do it now, tomorrow is always a mirage.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t give up. When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.
I know they say Patience pains, but I think it’s Impatience that pains. Hold on, just hold on.

In that Cafe, and he’s delaying, wait just a little bit more. That promotion isn’t coming, hold on. Don’t let the impatience prick, let the patience pay. Worry not, you will also be swept off your feet and to the aisle, you’ll head just in time.


If you don’t do it, you’ll miss it. And Life goes on, it doesn’t want to know.
Go out and do it, what do you have to lose? What is life, if you don’t live it?

Do what you have never done, because all you have done has led you to where you are.
You won’t know what you’ve been missing, if you don’t get the Camera and try out different poses, will you? Just do it.





By Amanya

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