I was thinking about the day we met
And the shy gazes we’d throw at each other, filled with hidden intent.
I was thinking about the day we talked
When the love came rushing out and we never figured who or when to stop.

I remember when I first kissed your lips
It was raining and we were holding hands, walking home in the little black umbrella.
I remember the look in your eyes
My breath you took it all away, with just a look into your eyes.

I’ll never forget how we felt
Happy inside the tummy, and you later said the butterfly had hatched.
I’ll never forget your embrace
The yearning and the yawning, I just knew we were at fever pitch.

I remember when I saw you cry
I cried too because, I’d never seen you cry.
I remember when I saw you cry
I held your hand firm, for it’d be the last time you saw your dad.

I remember the vows we made
Until… You and I know what completes that, us.



11 thoughts on “Until…

  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW…… the butterflies have hatched 🙂

  2. i love this piece so much am falling in love all over again

  3. Wow, Brenda. Let’s live, let’s love.

  4. Banange webale ka piece, you always bless my heart. On this one, i went places. Thank you

    1. Banange webale kusiima. It’s a pleasure really. So those places, when coming back, bring chocolate.

      1. Most definitely 🙂 it is my thing as well!!

  5. i didnt go places …am wondering do guys really have these emotions or i was meant to be celibate

  6. Yes and No. You’ll never be celibate and i’m three quarters a prophet.

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