Letter never Sent

Found these buried words silently sleeping in old chits
Digging up the past wondering where you are tonight
Thinking about the last time we held hands
Longing for the kiss that missed my lips

I can’t breathe tucked under these sheets
I can’t sleep with you this far from me

Turning over time here in my sleep
Sleeping on the side you used to be
You and I in love we were this time last year
Feeling that phantom touch on the knee you loved to touch

Wake up one day and come back to me
Or just pass by and dig up these buried words.


4 thoughts on “Letter never Sent

  1. Super similar to what I’ve gone through not too long ago……only difference is I stopped longing but kept it moving……but at some point, this is exactly what I went through.

    1. Oh dear, we always have to keep it moving, that’s life, that’s love.

  2. Sad but hmmm…like they say life goes on and on #Nolstagia

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