This is on my mind…

This post isn’t about anything, yes it’s as empty as the bottom of a jar full of nothing.

Whatever is on my mind this evening!
I wan’t to be rich. Yes I want to be rich, I wan’t to help people, everyone who neds help, but I can’t help it, I can’t even help myself buy a decent meal.

I still want to be rich, see I’ve never lacked in my life. That’s what I was told today and it’s true, so true. God always provides. But I also haven’t had much. I know here you are confused. Said I’m sorry fellas, I didn’t mean to confuse you.

I want to be rich in that I don’t have second thoughts in making money decisions, I wan’t a new Jean, I buy it. My Apple earpods get spoilt I don’t have to fix them, I just go to ELite Technologies and buy new ones. I want to have enough nice clothes, so that I don’t husstle matching clothes and shoes, or donning old jeans because I did laundry and Rain did me.

I want to write, like write write write, why not? My head has like a zillion thoughts and many more dreams, only my erections come close to that frequency. So where do all those at times brilliant thoughts go? WASTED. Who do I share them with? NO ONE. Well, here I am, but this isn’t enough. Neither is Twitter, Swarm, Snapchat, Quora, and Whatsapp. Ineed to fall in love with Medium and Tumblr.

I want to fall in love, the way I fall in love. The way I used to fall in love, the way these days I try to, but end up giving only a fraction of what would have been. Work, Time and Space, call it distance; these just can’t allow me, as flexible as I might be.

I want to see my prayers work more, fuck church, I hate church, it’s where most evil souls gather. And you won’t see me there unless you see me there. And that’s because you have to see me there. I pray to God, my God. And my God never disappoints, not even once. He’s done it for me, for my friends whom I pray for and he’s done it well. Well sometimes, it hasn’t been what I ask for, but what I ask for sometimes isn’t what is right.

I want to be happy, happier than I am. I want more nice people in my life, good people. I live for love, call it friendship, call it companionship, call it a stone if you want. But as long as it’s real. And mahn, real people are sweet, nice to be around. That’s where my happiness sprouts.

I want people to be nice, plain nice. Don’t call others names, labels, don’t discriminate according to whatever criteria, yes keep out the fake people out of their loops but be nice still. I want people to like each other for who they are, not for what they are, what they have.

I want, I don’t even know what I really want. For I need to get married, marry or whatever it’s called for my best moments are when with a girl I like. It feels like a dream anytime, a girl visits and feels real when she stays for a day or two. I want that, I need that, I’m still alive for that. For that and what will come out of it, the KIDS.

Ahhh, the milkshake, vanilla bean was nice. And I met an awesome lady this evening. Also a friend shared good news with me, it feels nice when someone shares with you. Good or Bad. You feel seen, appreciated. Much as I’m tired and daze brings out the doldrums in me, I’m half smiles this evening.

All smiles because finally I’m going to tip this nice waiter, great guy. Have you realised how I have used nice, like a thousand times? Yeah, it’s to keep it plain and simple.

I boarded a boda, see how it rhymes. Nyehe. I took a boda from Ntinda to Munyonyo and back, then to Gayaza and back to Ntinda and drove around town the whole day, so my bum hurts. Can’t wait for when I jump onto my bed.

I could go on and on. Yeah, if you ever get lonely or on a desert island, take me with you, I can go on and on. And I undoubtedly not eat you, incase the food ration got done.

And Uwitware comes in, this cafe also.  With, the brother or boyfriend or whomever. I think I know the guy but whatever, from experience when you know a person who most probably won’t remember you and he’s with a celebrity, he’ll think you are pretending, just to get a chance with the Celebrity. So, let them be. And Uwi and Mr Guy I know, leave.

PS: Edit this for me.

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By Amanya

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