Like the Phoenix… I’m back.

It’s now been forever since I last wrote something down. Anything to be exact.

I don’t even know how to resume writing. Seems I was kissed by the Medusa.
Seems my brain has turned into stone.
Seems I drunk the wrong serum. Swallowed the turquoise blue pill.
Seems I lost my super writing powers or is it writing super powers!

I haven’t listened to music, like in forever.
Seems I made love to the Minerva.
Seems she took my taste in music.
Seems I can’t find the right playlist.
Seems it’s a mood thing because the mysic is a constant.
I can’t find the best in my heart.
Everything sounds stale. Everything sounds ho-hum.

I haven’t made people smile, in forever.
Seems I’ve abandoned my purpose.
Seems I need to remember how sweet it feels making someone’s day awesome.
Seems I need to tickle myself too.
Seems I need to go back in time. A bit.
Not turn into a pillar of salt though.

I haven’t done the things I do,in forever.
The things I have to do and love to do.
I haven’t been to my mini garden.
I miss making life, I miss the connection with the plants.
I haven’t talked to the people that mean everything to me. Means I haven’t been of any meaning to myself lately.

But I’m now writing, struggling to write.
And I’ll be back. Like the Phoenix.


By Amanya

all need to know

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