On the Road to Ibanda.

6am we set off. Off to Ibanda.
Family, friends, strangers.
We hit the road. We are family.
So because, strangers make friends.
Friends make family.

How Strangers became friends?
She was the link. She was the bond.
She was the fuel. She was the reason.

And we are on the road.
To see her off. To that journey.
The journey to the unknown.
Rather to the known. Heaven.
For she’s Juriee. She was real.
And we all know it. We feel it.

It’s going to be a long drive.
A drive worth it. Might not be long even.
For with Juriee, time was no measure.
A minute with her was like an hour.
An hour like a lifetime.
You’d never want to let her go.

We still don’t want to let her go.
Why we are on this road.
To be with her.
Till the last moment.
We shall miss you Juriee.
But I know all is well.
As it always was with you.




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