Has a man approached you, opened his mouth and you’re like WTF? Well it can’t get any more dramatic than;

I recognise you.
Do you pray from Watoto North West?
Have you been to Cafe Javas Kampala Boulevhahad?
Did you audition for Big Brother Africa?
Could it be have been the last Blankets and Wine?
Did you intern with the Parliament?

I have seen you somewhere.
It can’t be Legends, is it?
Do you pray from All Saints on Sundays?
Are you the NTV lady?
The Ascot races, weren’t you in the adjacent tent?
I knew it, the MTN Marathon it is.

I recognise you.
I sat behind you in this High School class.
We are in the same Whatsapp group.
I play ball with your brothers.
We were on the same plane to Qatar.
The WestCoast Gym, I work out from there too.

I’ve met you somewhere.
Oh yes, it’s Iguana.
Is it you I met via Ekisaakate in Bristol?
Wow, I was at your christening, you’ve grown!
Monot Bar, must have been there.

I think I know you.
I don’t know from where.
I just have that feeling.
Nice to bump into you again.
I’m Amanya. You?

Being a man is treading the path to dumbville. Approaching a girl or starting up a conversation is your ticket.
Sometimes you need a pick up line, not a stanza, just a line. Sometimes you need God’s grace.
Some people are always genuine. Other people are sometimes genuine, other times not.
It’s dumb whichever way you look at it. Only that passion numbs dumb.


12 thoughts on “Dumbballs.

  1. cynthiakyofuna says:

    Hahahaha…sometimes you want to slap sense into these obviously dumb men for the wrecked first line and before you know it, he goes like he is going on and on and freak’n on!!!

    • Amanya says:

      And then;
      • I feel like the earth should swallow me.
      •Or remind you that I’m the CEO of a multinational company.
      • Look at you and shake my head and move on.
      • Say one word, ‘bitch’ and move away.
      • Look at you and can’t imagine the attitude because it’s true I really know you from somewhere.

      Depending on who I am. How I was nurtured. And how I’ve learnt to handle such situations

  2. Amanya says:

    You’ll remember the face, the name or the place.
    Though sometimes you can’t quite put the three pieces together. So sometimes you’re genuine. It’s always tricky though.

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