June the 30th. Finally.

I’m back on the road. The last time I was on a long commute was to send off a friend, colleague, employee, confidant blah blah.

That friend is now gone, forever. This comes up as it’s a Thursday. Thursdays had a routine, work all day as you eagerly wait for 5pm.  Jump on the next boda to Mackies Restaurant Kamwokya/Kisementi. Mackies was the melting pot of all ideas, specifically for the league, the 5AsideLeague.

It would never stop at that, it was like a learning session, from art to philosophy, what’s what in the economy, to life hacks. The absentees from the previous meeting footed the bill, so it was all laughs and smiles.
Boy, we cared for each other, you could see it the eyes. Young people sparing sometime to selflessly plan and provide a service to other young people. To keep the ship afloat because they were trying times. And the ship never sunk, it sailed on goodwill and later anchored on sacrifice.


That one ship never sunk, but the fleet was/is large. A tide has come, the tide has sunk some, the tide has a name. A name never to be forgotten. The tide is June 2016.

The Thursday routine would *end with a walk to the nearby Iguana Bar for #JamrockThursdays.
*Well the routine was a nested routine and had many subroutines embedded in it, the happy hour; the dancing, the pork, the chat, the strippers, finally the walk out, the goodnights and most importantly the push home. We were our brothers’, our sisters’ keepers. Escort them to their place if need be. Tuck them in if possible or wait till the gate closes.

The tide, this 2016 June tide has left us with a gap in the circle. And is swallowing up the circle too. It’s like a hungry black hole. Iguana is closing. The So UG shop will be no more. Talent will relocate, to I don’t know where. Iguana made friendship seem like ABC. It helped connect people, bridge gaps, mostly the online or timeline-real life gap. Don’t forget the music.
Today, Thursday the 30th is the last #JamrockThursday.

The damn month goes with the Iguana experience as we know it. The June tide goes with our routine as we experienced it. Today, we were supposed to meet at Mackies, but we won’t. It’d be sombre I know, but it’d be real. In memory of the realest of them all.

As this bus slowly navigates the bends of this journey, I pray for a safe journey. I pray for the end of this June tide. I pray for a new routine. I pray for a new JamrockThursday, I pray for our departed angel.

By Amanya

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