This isn’t a Post

So I used to write
When the words flowed
And the ink boiled

I used to write
Letters rearranged
And stories told

I used to write
The ravens know
And the paper too

I used to write
Through the whispers of the night
And the whimpers of the soul

I used to write
Time and again
One too many times

I used to write
To my lover
And to my best friends

I used to write
When feeling low
And when alone

I used to write
Simple words
That said it all

I used to write
Poems so short
Like this you see

I used to write
Like a teenage girl would say

I used to write
I erased it all
No trace of it at all

But I used to write
And not posting wasn’t right


1 thought on “This isn’t a Post

  1. “and not posting wasn’t right.” – love that line

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