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The Blogger Recognition Award.



And on this lit stage I stand, it’s yet another award won. I made a short acceptance speech, so neat and on point, but it rained on me on the way and the words were erased. So, I’ll stitch up one or two words and hope not to die in my play.
I thank Komusana, Joseyphina and one more person I couldn’t remember, for nominating me. I have neither read posts nor written anything in a long while, couldn’t get the other kind soul that nominated me. But thank you wherever you are.

The organizers of the Awards say there are simple rules that apply, rules to be bent:
* Write a post to show the award.

* Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

* Give a brief story about how you started blogging.

* Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.

* Nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

Now I’m confused, could I have answered the first rules before even getting them? Isn’t that cheating? Kitendesque ways?
I don’t understand the write a post to show the award part, but the award is in gold. Not my weight in gold, but kawa.

How this Amanya thing started?
I don’t really remember exactly when, but I surely remember how. It must have been 2010, freshman year at Makerere University. In some hostel downhill Kikoni, Masaku Hostel to be exact. That’s when I got my first laptop. That meant I didn’t have to share my browser with anyone one else but the curious me.

I loved erotic art, and soon I was on the ‘Internets’ looking for God’s work of art.
That’s how I ended up down the rabbit hole. Erotic poems, stories and all their cousins. I was hooked.
It so happened that these delicious words were on blogger. So I learnt about blogger. If others could write, surely I could too.

I started with eye candy erotic material, but then again I realized i was polluting the webs with my awesomely filthy mind and couldn’t identify with what was spewing out of my fingers. I toned it down to Love.
The only gift I happen to possess in abundance. And write I did.

Midway through it, I landed on two platforms, and the cool kid Wix was all design and no style but WordPress was neat, organised and the fact that you could easily connect with others through the Reader feature, it stuck.

On the rainy saturday evening, when was laid to rest with a twenty ten gun salute; was born.

Advice for the new bloggers:
– Write what you feel, don’t censure yourself. Let it flow. Not even the best writers are near perfection.
– Don’t feel sweet on the others with poor posts, read their words. There is beauty in all things raw.
– Engage others, and always encourage others to write. Everyone who can think can write.
– Mind how you present your posts, appearances are deceptive and will make a fake post great.
– Most importantly, keep writing. There is nothing like a writer’s block. It’s just a cocktail of laziness and the wrong mood.
– If you feel like the block is latching onto you, write about the damn block and see how shy it’ll be while releasing you.

Nominating 15 deserving bloggers:
Rules gotta be bent, I nominate the deserving and new to my Reader bloggers.
1. Ug Bloc:
2. NataSheebah:
3. Papberry:
4. Odunayoibitoye:
5: NancyOngom:
6: LizzyElizabeth:
7: SamiraIsimbi:
8: CynthiaKyofuna:
9: Epitome:
10: Nessa:

I can’t really get them all. But it’s fulfilling, realizing that every post that pops up on my reader has a thing or two about it. Keep writing people, we’ll keep reading.

As I step off this stage. I better remember where I placed my helmet on the way in. People if you jump on those two wheeler, get yourself a helmet.

By Amanya

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