Why? Like all the time!

“But why is it that you men all you want is only sex, like all the time?” It’s two months now; that introspective question has persistently lingered in my mind, like a brain eatin…

Source: Why? Like all the time!


3 thoughts on “Why? Like all the time!

  1. K. Bellamy with a Purpose says:

    From the standpoint of a monogamous relationship, I can’t speak for everyone but, it’s the closeness for me – the bond grows stronger when to people committed to each other share themselves with only each other. It’s delicious and something I long for.

  2. oluchee says:

    I’ve always been known to be irrationally acting on my emotions. That’s why when someone desires someone else but still finds a way to quench it, or suppress the feeling, is something I find applaudable

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