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Let People Be

One thing has been on my mind all day: France
Which hauled another to my mind: Saudi Arabia

Imagine, you pay tax, buy your own clothes, are a loyal citizen and a patriot at that.
Imagine, you pay respect to the laws of the land, all laws but one.
One law that leaves you feeling like property, like used property, like trash.
One law that leaves you wondering if you aren’t or why you aren’t treated like others.
Let’s say one Saturday afternoon after a busy week before, and a busy Friday night, you hit the beach.
Let’s say you are having the time of your life, caressing the waves, taking in the breeze and so is everyone else.
Then you feel someone tap your shoulder, you turn around and it’s two men, two uniformed men. You wonder if you know them.
Then you it hits you, they are supposed to protect you but they aren’t. They are about to undress you.
Undress you of your own clothes, bought with your own money. At a beach, entrance paid by you with your own money.
Undress you isn’t where they stop. You’re fined as well. Of your money.
It hits you. You pay the uniformed men from your tax, to undress you, humiliate you and you tip them for that.
It hits you, you can’t escape from mistreatment. You can’t escape from oppression. Saudi Arabia is following you.


Once again it’s happening. No one cares about what you want, what you feel. It’s about them not you.
Once again, you are being forced to do what you don’t want to do because of the Law.

In Saudi Arabia you were fined daily for not wearing the perfect Abaya, for showing your ankles.
In Saudi Arabia you were treated as property, you were not alive, you weren’t allowed to live.
You had to move with a male to move at all; a He, was your third leg. It was like that. It just was
You had to keep quiet when visitors were around, for your opinion was as a good as a dog’s.
That car you could drive, you weren’t permitted to own.
That job you could work at, you aren’t allowed.
It turns out you can’t open a bank account, you need a man’s assistance. Much as you want and can.
It turns out you can’t shake a man’s hand after a meeting, if the meeting is permitted in the first place.
A male chaperone becomes her chagrin. With the invisible leash.

Ever wondered why some people become activists, that’s why. Ever wondered why some people become feminists, that’s why.
Ever wondered why some people are angry about such issues! Stop wondering, unfairness angers.
Let people be angry at issues that they are passionate about. Issues that affect them. Just let people be.

8 replies on “Let People Be”

You’re spot on. Limitations are a control, good or bad.
But the fear of the future, impedes the present. And we live in the present. Means some people won’t ‘live’ and certainly won’t live the way they’d like to.

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