Comedy Love ShortStory Uganda


I told her, put your number in my berry.
I put some liquor in your belly.

She said, the belly yes, but your berry no.
She said, see me, see me not,I’m someone’s belle.

I told her, you with the pretty nose and cute smile
I I ayaaai ai. Can I have the number to your celly?

She said, you’re crazy, sweet but direct and so silly
She said, trust me i like you but it’s a different story

I told her, well he isn’t here be real.
I told her, I kiss good and tell rarely.

She said, you’re killing me with your words
She said, but he will kill me with his sword

I smiled and showed her the car packed outside
I told her, we can go to my apartment not a soul will know

She said, she could put a number in my berry
She said, just not her number.

I told her, my apartment didn’t have walls
I told her, even if they did, my walls had no ears

She said ,she’d been there, seen that
She said, she’d seen the writing on many a wall

I told her, no number in my berry, no bitter in your belly
I told her, I like you but I am no fala

She said well It is what it is
And I have my man out the door. Don’t be a bully.

By Amanya

all need to know

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