Love Poetry

White Tiger.

I got me a black panther, if not a white tiger and it scratched my brain. But but but…

Somehow I’ll be back.
See, I fell in love.
And love is craze.
It’s numbed my soul.
And muted my spirit.
I’m yet to figure out;
Who I really am.
Whom I’ve become.
What of who I was, I have left.
Or even where I’ve been.
I’ve been gone and I will be back.

It was originally meant  to be. 

I’ve been gone and won’t be back.
What I have left of who I was, I can’t find.
Whom I’ve become.
Who I really am.
I’m yet to figure out.
My spirit has been muted.
My soul has been numbed.
Love is a pit, a pit with a trap. But go ahead, fall.

Now that I’ve exclusively posted my new found love. I can write away in peace, right?


By Amanya

all need to know

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