Get lost in me.Breathe me in.

Let’s lose time. Let’s lose it all.

Let’s get to that place.

The place where we are. 

Let’s tell each other secrets.

Let’s forget what we told.

Let’s drown our fears in each other.

Look through me. See nothing.

See it all. Know it all. Know nothing.

Let’s find comfort. Shelter us.

Let’s lose ourselves. Close us in. 

Open up your eyes. Say something.

Wonder if you believe. If it’s real.

Let’s wonder,let’s wander within us.

You and I. 


3 thoughts on “Nikki

  1. Beautiful!!!. Well written

    1. Thank you. I’m resuming to write tomorrow. Hopefully more can come from where that came from.

      1. That is the beauty in writing. Just write your heart and never hold back!

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