Your mess is yours as it is mine.

Might you overdose again. It’s alright I’ll clean up. 

Give me your other key. I’ll drive you home and beyond.

Cry when think of the memories lost. My shoulder is yours as much as it’s mine.

You can tell me it’s your last time. I’ll surely do believe.

Talk to me, don’t bottle it up. Let me know your deepest pain.

Your deepest pain, your worst regret. It’s all fine it’s safe all with me.

Even when you walk through the rain. This my Jacket is yours as I dry your hair.

When you shiver again, I’ll be your wrap.

Hold on dear little one. Your mess is yours as it is mine.

Saw you again at the Shopping Mall. You looked as bubbly as you alway do.

Yellow sundress and a cute smile, natural hair and the lazy freckle.

Checking in and checking out, I lost you on the turnstile.

Call me when the Sun is down. You’re the reason I’m out of this bed. 

The reason I’m hanging out. This mess is yours. Your mess is mine.

Puked on a guy once again. Hope he likes the new shirt, we’ve bought for him. 

Like the last one liked my shirt I had to give. 

Let me cover your cocktail before we leave, as you wash your mouth of tartness.

You’re holding my hand again. Leaning on my shoulder. I’ve got you. I’ve got this.

Your panties have to slide down before you pee. Hold on as I unbutton your ripped jeans.

Your mess is yours much as it’s mine. 

Remembering what we used to be. You were mine and I was yours. 

Think of Love don’t think of pain. For there’s a reason I’m hanging on.

You once were the reason I once felt so alive. Should I give up, I’ll have lost half of what remains of what I lost. 

You talked in your sleep last night. Said you were sorry. For the times and for the mess. Yey I don’t mind, I just care. 

Well you’re  still who you’ve always been to me. Intertwined as we might sound. Your destiny is mine too. 

By Amanya

all need to know

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