I say it’s a bit narrow for a Trish to call all Men, trash. I’m like, don’t you see it! It’s all clear. In the medieval times, from the Anglo-Frisian dialects came the word ‘trash’ as a past tense of trish. I won’t say what ‘trish’ meant then, for you can guess; as I can, that you know what I mean already, just kidding.

But I’m kidding less about all Men being trash, all men are. It’s so true. It’s written in the sky, on the land; and in the sea, it’s everywhere, you just have to look closely to see the inscribing.
Some have it all written all over them like Mayan tattoos, others; like that mark on Cain’s forehead and others have it latent. You need to put them in a dark room, do the Infra Red; extra X-ray on them, and bang, “Oh my God there it is, the mark.” The Trash Mark. The ‘I thought you were different’ mark. The mark that conquered all.The one mark to rule them all.

See, like an item on a conveyor belt in a big mechanized factory, you get stamped with that mark soon as you pass via the conveyor belt. Dang, there it is. It’s not the birth mark. It’s that little worm attached to a little sack between those two little thighs.
From the day you pass through those big pretty thighs to when you enter some other big pretty thighs, your destiny is well written, it’s clear. You’re trash. Don’t even argue about it. No one is assuming anything Caitlyn, no one.

It’s not something you ask for. It’s something you are born with. It’s not something you can avoid be. It is something you’ll be as long as anyone says you are. After all Trish thinks so. You’re trash. What?

So, don’t let it get to you, it’s who you are. Just be the best You, you can be.
Be the best trash you can be. Be that good that you’ll enter the mall and everyone turns their heads and is like “Oh, there goes. That big ol’ Trash.”

Don’t play girls’ hearts, I’ll buy you beer or balloons play with those.
Because still, whether you play or don’t play, or play it safe, somehow you’ll yo-yo. You’ll hurt someone, justifiably or not. Intentionally or not. Or they’ll hurt just because you play it uncomfortably nice.

It’s like being in a chemistry laboratory, titrating chemicals and all. Any drop has an effect, it’ll make it an acid or a base. You don’t stop the drop just because you’re uncertain of what’s to come, do you? And still you won’t know what’ll come. If it’s an acid, you’re trash. If it’s a base, still you are trash. That won’t save you. Blue pill or red pill, you’re trash.

But still, don’t be an ass. that will make you dirty trash. And you needn’t be. That’s stinky trash. Not Cool. Don’t be that one who lies, who fights, who beats. That’s pathetic. Lucifer hates competition. Be a nice, awesome, stupendous piece of trash.

Much as they say Good Trash finish last. Just be the trash that finishes first. Finish first just don’t finish quick. For you know, it’s never about you, it’s about they that safely dispose of you. They own you and you gots to be in check. They say, any trash is as good as the disposer.Be that good.

Cling on to that, accept that sometimes you do stuff that makes you trash. Well sometimes you hide it and other times no one sees it. But you know it. So own it.

But it’s the way of the world. It’s what you do that makes you some typa trash. For Women are trash too. That’s it. That’s life.


By Amanya

all need to know

3 replies on “trash.”

Hahaha. This is a funny post!.
I’ve learned a new word “Trish”. And yes I know what it means…*Wink wink*.
“…you are all trash. No one is assuming anything Caitlyn, no one”.
“….Don’t be the type of trash that beats, fights, etc Lucifer hates competition”.
Those are my favourite lines. And like I said, this post is really funny. I kept laughing as I read it.
As for all men being trash, that’s true. Like you said some have it tattooed, others have just mark on their forehead and others need X-rays for that to be seen. At the end, all men are trash. And women, well, we have our fair share of trash. In conclusion, human beings are trash.

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