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Little Pretty Woman
Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks
Adorned with dark thick tipped nipples
Lance them by the edges of my mouth
Let it joustle with the thrust of my tongue

Take me deep into it
That little place they call sin
The enclave hushed by desire
Major Arcana cards held aloft
Where you’re High Priestess and I obey

Let me touch your thin veil of awareness
Where touch is forever more
Envelop me with your nether lips
Warm embraces the hedonist never forgets
Engulf me in swatches of sodden covers
Palpitating with a certain accord to the pink

Little curvy woman
Blessed with a derriere so bountiful
Juggled by the sway of your hips
Lay me on your altar of euphoria
Pierce me with the dagger of your eyes
Cleanse me with the taste of your lips

Even as the furnance that is my loins burns
Erecting the tower that is this meat
Babel reaching for the stars inside the slit
Veins filling the shaft with venom
Don’t cool it down for no remonstrance

Despite the flush of my cheeks
Teach me the ways of your castle
That I may lay my life down to defend
Be my Delilah, this strength I give away
This hair, eat away

Daughter of gods
Let me adjusting the bra that contours your bust
Let me take you from behind
Not like the dog I am, but a god
Let me into your infinite wetness
Across the waves of your ocean
Animate my desire in your well of creation

Impale me with your long sharp one
Bruises deep burgundy like fine wine
The colors you place onto my body
Soothen it with your warm wet tongue
And the littl whispers down my ear

Allow me to abseil those twin peaks
So I embrace their dark tipped cupolas
Grinding and winding down like an funambulist
Let me overturn your mound
Tending the sweet spot. Of pleasure
Tendrils convulsing the cradle that is your body
Hold on tight, this is us.No names, just pleasure

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lovulets- Love and rivulets…


I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
In the desert, where love wasn’t supposed to grow
Pinch sleep out of me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Underneath the peeble by the river
Talk some sense to me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
As the bra and the panties hit the bedroom floor
Won’t you just pray for me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Under the moonlight as she lit up to make clouds
And then she passed to me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
One knock on her one room door
And the eyes locked it up

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Stood up
She picked the flower and gave to me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
At the hostel sinks
She sprinkled water at me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
It was handed to me
Mean guy shouldn’t have left her with me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
A jacket away
And she was truly the one for me

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Remind me where it was supposed to be


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Za Littro Bird

A bird flew to my window
She did not know I saw;
She pecked the window
And soiled the window sill

Then she saw me
And felt shy
I whistled her to me
And in my arms she came

A bird flew to me
And my life hasn’t been the same again
She came with blessings
And took away the fears

She glances with rapid eyes
That pierce deep inside
They look like frightening beads
But they keep me in line

A bird flew in my life
Like one in danger; cautious,
I offered her a crumb,
And she unrolled her feathers
And I rowed her softer home

Our oars divide the ocean,
Together for a seam,it seems
From dusk to the banks of noon,
Leap, plashless, as we swim.

Love Poetry

White Tiger.

I got me a black panther, if not a white tiger and it scratched my brain. But but but…

Somehow I’ll be back.
See, I fell in love.
And love is craze.
It’s numbed my soul.
And muted my spirit.
I’m yet to figure out;
Who I really am.
Whom I’ve become.
What of who I was, I have left.
Or even where I’ve been.
I’ve been gone and I will be back.

It was originally meant  to be. 

I’ve been gone and won’t be back.
What I have left of who I was, I can’t find.
Whom I’ve become.
Who I really am.
I’m yet to figure out.
My spirit has been muted.
My soul has been numbed.
Love is a pit, a pit with a trap. But go ahead, fall.

Now that I’ve exclusively posted my new found love. I can write away in peace, right?

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“You told me you loved me
And I really didn’t know what to say
But I know what to say now
I think about you, and I’ve come to like you
And I like being with you
I have grown fond of you
And maybe you feel the same way
So the next time you tell me you love me
If there’s a next time…
I’ll say I love you”

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The Weird I Love

Daylight to seek each other out
Daylight to brew a bond
It’s been long coming
Breaking little twigs on its way
Like this, it is as was meant
On the road so steep
Far across the city, alone
We had a promise made
Pecks, smiles, hugs and hands off
Both under a visible spell
We had a heart and soul pull
To know what to do
To say what you mean to say
The tongue is a razor blade

To shed a tear for mixed emotions, to feel all.
Wouldn’t want to stop, would you? No

I’m in it with you
I’m in you with it
It makes perfect sense
A moment to push and scream
And then relief, sigh
To a soundtrack of perfect tunes
Roses are red and some are black
Blueberries are not
Berry buttons and tongue
Hunting you, hunting me
Your beauty spots
Are like shooting stars
We had a promise made
To shoot cupids darts and axes
An axe to grind. Legs astride
We did. We were in love

To hold so tight, skin to skin, soul to soul, to feel it all.
Wouldn’t want to stop, would you? Oh.


As I sink into the open sea
We feel the earth. We feel the time
Is it raining outside?
Is the sky grey?
There’s a numbness in my soul
The mind is a lazy place
On the hem of your soul
Is a red carnation
Eat me. Like a cannibal
Fill the gap between you and I
We ignite a spark
We set the fire
We hear the hums
We hum what we hear.
Breathe in, breathe out
It’s life. Don’t stop.
The words weigh heavy on the heart
Tears flow down the cheeks
Just like a blade,the joy went in deep
And it is tearing up inside you.

To catch a smile on your face.To feel alive, loved.
Would cherish that, forever, Wouldn’t you? Yaaaasss.

Love Poetry



Once had it all
Then lost it all
Longed for it all
Never got it back at all
Where did it go?
Where did the sun set?
Why didn’t the sun rise?
Why did it even set?
Did it set?
What if there was no sun?
What if all was an illusion?
Tricks of the eye, the moment.
All that was, never was
It was just a figment of the imagination
It was a mirage
It was the sunshine in the rain
It was good, it was true
It was good, it didn’t last
The sun will shine again
The fields will grow
Flowers will bloom
For it’s not about what was
But what is
And what is, is always an illusion
Like what was, is a myth.


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Good Lord Music


You own ear pods, don’t you?

Sitama nkutebeze. *Sit down I tell you.

Whatever song is playing,
Long as there’s the beat in your soul.

Music so dulcet that you lick your lips,
Shake your head.

Tap on the floor,
Stamp your feet.

Leaves you with goose bumps on the brain,
Two ear worms on your brain all day.

Takes you all the way, you don’t stay.
Eyes closed.

Twitches down your spine,
Desire coiling in the lower abdomen.

You swear, confess, think, about;
What was and what would have been.

It’s on repeat, one hour, two, eternity.
You don’t realise.


Oh Good Music.
Sweet Lord Music.

It’s not on Shazam, you don’t know it’s title.
You feel bad, you lose hope. Might never find it.

It’s playing in a stranger’s house.
You follow the beat, knock on the door and sigh.

It’s on your playlist now,
You make yet another friend.

It plays, and boom Eureka moments.
You think the impossible, plan the inevitable.

It’s not weed, it’s not a capsule.
Just a drug.

Catch yourself grinning.
It’s the Music.

Bored, jaded and confused?
You play the Music.

When the heart is hurting.
You drown in the Music.

That long flight, or fright,
Call on Music.

Piano, Guitar lessons. Notes and Strings
For the Music.


First kisses, pinned on the fallboard.
Ass on the Keyboard. Music.

First dance, Pas de deux.
Danseur,Ballerina chemistry on that harlequin floor.

Under the shower head, in the mirror.

The only thing that makes us feel alive.
As we make memories.

Slide to unlock?
It’s in the Music.