midnight ride

Source: Definition Africa

I boarded the boda yet again
Coldness brushing my ankles
I ripped into the night
As the moon lazily sailed past

My candle has lit for too long
My patience has licked its pain
It’s clear enough we’re not into this
But a flicker of hope still illuminates

This love isn’t what we thought it’d be
Even your door knob sees this
While we look for reasons why
The love only echoes in the valley

How come you never go there?
How come I still look out for you?

You tell us to stop before we start
Waste energy on projections
We’re not doing this again, are we?
Even the cold stares can’t tell it all

We carry on as if the time is through
You carry on as if I don’t love you
Do we find the good in each other
Or do we find a way to die

The souls are full but hearts are empty
Every spoken word with a tear
Like a citadel with a leaking roof
It’s slippery on the way out

By Amanya

all need to know

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