Crying won’t help. Even tears drop and dry. The hurt never heals. It runs deep, it never is erased. What do we really have if what we had, what we treasured isn’t anymore.

Why does pain never cease? Why is pain? What is pain? How does this end? Does it have even ever end?

Life sometimes can be abstract. You’d think that meaning is all that is as you grow. But it’s all you ever lose. It’s a summation of your existence.

As a person, I’m tired. Every day seems the same, hopeless. Everyday is, and isn’t.

What is and what could be is all but the same? It’s all confusing. It’s just empty, nothingness.

Day comes, night falls. It’s hard telling it apart. All that’s is consistent is the inconsistency. It’s sucks.

Giving up makes it harder. How do you give up what you never had?

By Amanya

all need to know

2 replies on “Forlorn”

What, I dare say, a way to come back!
You dug me out of my own slumber too. Not to mention the hour

Eyy pain is such the enemy ey? 😪 I pray that in the midst of it all, you still find a corner of peace. I hear you… take all the hugs you need 💛 ☀️

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