What a boy to do.

Liza smiled at him that morning, was that a sign?
That radiant smile that illuminates the room, the crystal white teeth and pitch dark gum.
Well, they could as well have been yellow, but what a boy to do?
Maybe the smile was, because of; that Friday morning “refreshed feeling”, maybe something sweet she saw on the road?
Maybe, maybe not…
He instantly felt that cold shiver in the tummy, tried to smile back but chocked on the smile. Amazing, chocked on a smile!
Every little hair on her head seemed to glow that morning.

“El, you have a call on 5” his supervisor’s voice cutting short the so shortlived apparition.

Slowly the hand that was about to wave, down under the table it went together with the half smile.

What a boy to do?

By Amanya

all need to know

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