Catch and Release Season 1 Episode 2

There’s a place I go to
Where no one knows me
The place where ‘no make’ up isn’t an issue, where the size of your booty and bosom doesn’t matter.
Where boys won’t catch, play with, mess with your heart and guess right, release.
The place where your game isn’t an issue, where the size of your wallet, and manhood matters less.
Where pouring out your heart and knowing when to say or do, what to say or do, won’t stress you.

It’s not lonely
It’s a necessary thing
You aren’t lonely, that’s what you will tell yourself, because you’ll read books, listen to music, play games and feel alive. You’ll just exist with no hustle, but will you live?
You will be okay, is what you tell yourself. It’s better than being hurt, It’s a necessary thing.

It’s a place I made up
Find out what I’m made of
It’s here that you will discover your writing skills, reach the deeper echelons of your brain. become the best painter there is, the best at your job. Not bad.
It’s here that you’ll discover the sensual parts of your body, for when the body wants and you are all you have.

The nights I’ve stayed up
Counting stars and fighting sleep
Nights, when the soul is closer to the heart and the heart to the body. When you think about who really likes you, who cares about you, who loves you. What you’ve achieved thus far.
Nights, where you think deeply about why everyone your age is marrying but you. How your peers are paired at the movies but you.

Let it wash over me
I’m ready to lose my feet
You are in love, whether sure you love each other or not. You just need someone to love, someone to treasure, to confide in. Someone to cuddle, to call yours, to show to the World. Just let your affection out, lose your feet. Let their love wash over you.

Take me off to the place where one reveals life’s mystery
Steady on down the line
That something you have, means something, means everything. Let it be, let it hold for a time, for a lifetime.
Let it surprise you when you look back. Wonder what it is that you did to deserve it all. Let it teach you a thing or two about life, let it take you to places you’ve never been.

Lose every sense of time
Take it all in and wake up that small part of me
You still feel butterflies when you see her, it didn’t stop at the bar counter, at the aisle. Open your chest look closely at the butterfly and feed it, slowly stitch up and feel that way for eternity.

Day to day I’m blind to see
And find how far
To go
Why did you fall for each other? You don’t know. Can you do without each other? You don’t know. You just don’t know, you just love.

If you are not in love, it’s no crime because there’s no single template for life, love.
Everybody got their reason
Everybody got their way

We’re just catching and releasing
What builds up throughout the day
Love, like life, is an aggregate of actions, emotions. Friend, Lover, Husband or Wife, we catch when it comes and release when it flies off. We love and lose. It’s the way of life

But before we release let’s live love, let’s open up, let’s be vulnerable. Let’s know that through what we build every day, for love;
It gets into your body
It flows right through your blood
We can tell each other secrets
And remember how to love

There’s a place you’ll need to go. Where no one knows you.
Everyone needs this, It’s called me time. Keeps you from drowning from the abyss that is sharing the body and soul with a stranger. Keeps you from losing yourself.
If you breathe real slowly
Let it out and let it in
It can be terrifying
To be slowly dying
Also clarifying
We end where we begin.


By Amanya

all need to know

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I’ve been on the keyboard like for 2 minutes contemplating what to say in acknowledgement. They call that BLUSHING right? Thanks, it weighs much coming from you.

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